Download and install Playbox for Chromecast

Previously we used CD and DVD to watch movies and play videos on our TV.  Then the set top boxes came, where we can watch TV shows and movies. But HDMI port changed all and we can use the external storage devices for watching videos

Now the Google Chromecast came and changes everything. An excellent device is made for TV sets which can be connected to Smartphones, PC, and laptops as remote controls. So we can watch movies or TV shows on Television.

We can watch Netflix, YouTube, play store etc. Playbox is the app to watch movies and TV shows online. You can easily download it. Here different genres are available of movies so it becomes easy to search your favorite movies. All movies are available in HD quality. You can download the Playbox on mac device and playbox for PC also.

playbox for chromecast

So you watch free movies on big screen at your home. Installing Playbox in Chromecast is very easy. Follow the steps given below to download and install the Playbox app for Chromecast. This article works if you want to download Playbox chromecast without jailbreaking.

Download Playbox

Playbox app for Chromecast:

Here is the best method which describes how to watch movies from Playbox App using Chromecast.

Before following this procedure you have to download latest version of Playbox.

  • To use it for watching movie on Chromecast enabled TV and you have to download the ‘AllCast’ app.
  • You can download Allcast app from Playstore and install it. You can also use LocalCast in place of allcast.
  • After installing the AllCast app, go to the Playbox app and play a video.
  • Now, all you have connect your device with the Chromecast enabled device.
  • Open the Playbox app and play a movie to watch on the Chromecast enabled TV set.

Stream Playbox To ChromeCast iOS/iPad/iPhone

  • If you have apple TV then use this procedure to use Playbox with Apple TV.
  • If you don’t have apple devices then you can use Kodi app to cast Playbox.
  • Another method to watch movies on your iOS device on chromecast, you can use Cinema Box HDapp.
  • Now, just connect you iOS device with the TV and watch the videos on Playbox for free and enjoy unlimited movies and videos online.

Now you can download the Playbox app on your smart TV like on samsung smart TV, sony TV etc.

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